10 Unbelievably Unusual People Who Look Like Real-Life Dolls

While the world goes deeper into individuality, there are some people who do their best to look like real-life dolls. They spend a pocketful of money on plastic surgery, they put on extravagant makeup, and they gloss over every pic to look like true Barbies and Kens.
We at Bright Side decided to get you acquainted with these doll-people. Their amazing appearances will surely not leave you cold.Rodrigo Alves was disappointed with his looks all his life. He knew for sure how to spend his grandfather’s inheritance: the total cost of surgery was more than $250,000, and the operations made him look like a real-life Ken doll. Now he is a frequent guest on various shows and one of the brightest examples of how craving the ideal appearance can cause harm.Source:Brightside